3rd Year Energy Science and Engineering
Pursuing MSc-PhD

  • Colour Schemes for Initiatives

  • Completed
  • In Progress
  • Not Started Yet
  • Broken

    • Continue the present Council’s efforts to have student represetation in DPGC meetings for all departments.
    • Follow up on the present Council’s efforts in the provision of stipend to MSc-PhD students with a CPI less than 6.5
    • Continue the present Academic Council’s endeavours to bring about certification of TA duty for all Instrument TAs
    • Follow up on the present council’s work in the restructuring of the communication skills course
    • Explore with MSc departments about the possibility of reintroducing the proposal for MSc (Hons)
    • Work towards avoiding discrepancies in the action taken from case to case in A.D.A.C.
    • Expand the organization of Department Open Houses at frequent intervals across all departments to allow interaction between students and faculty
    • Work towards the provision of academic assistance to all first year postgraduate students by point mentorship programmes in collaboration with ISCP and IRSCP
    • Propose to increase the number of library facilities such as subscriptions of Grammarly and Turnitin
    • Organize compulsory workshops based on Intellectual Property Rights and their safeguard in all Academic Units.
    • Propose the creation of a structured rulebook for MSc-PhD students.
    • Continue the present Council’s efforts for the establishment of a student accessible printing facility in each Academic Unit
    • Carry forward the present Council’s efforts for the establishment of a reading room in Academic Units


    • Work towards highlighting different areas and aspects of research in the Institute by way of popular science articles in newspapers (in conjunction with PRO)
    • Organization of workshops on proposal writing and paper writing for students at the departmental level
    • To expand on the Industry-Academia relationship by organization of events at a Departmental level (ex. Energy Day in DESE, RSS in Department of Chemical Engineering)
    • Continue the present Council’s efforts towards an increase in awareness of Research Scholars regarding Contingency grants
    • Work towards the organization of non-technological talks that have social consequences (ex. Discussions regarding the rationale and implementation of policies)
    • Conduct informative sessions about research opportunities inside and outside the country to encourage and inform master’s students who are exploring to pursue Ph.D.
    • Push for the incorporation of representatives from all Postgraduate Programmes into the Placement Cell, in order to better serve the needs of all Postgraduate students


    • Continue the present Academic Council’s endeavours to bring about a centralized Grievance Redressal portal
    • Continue populating the Frequently Asked Questions pages on the PGAC website that pertain to different aspects of a Postgraduate students’ Academic Life in the Institute
    • Carry forward the present council’s endeavour (in association with the Hostel Affairs Council) to create an online portal for Married Research Scholars for accommodation and tracking the status of the request
    • Continue with the present Council’s endeavour to create a list of lab facilities present in IIT Bombay that can be accessed online
    • Work with Department Councils in order to bring about regular updates of the Department Websites
    • Push for the timely update of ASC interface with regards to course curriculum details, grading criteria, references etc
    • Carry forward the present Council’s endeavour to create an online database of grievances along with detailed remarks on the actions taken for the future councils
    • Work towards the organization of monthly PGAC Open Houses, where a report of work done would be presented, and grievances can be expressed openly and discussed
    • To explore the creation of a centralized attendance system in order to reduce delays in fellowship disbursal
    • Creation of a weekly helpdesk where students can come with their grievances and the members of the Council can work towards the solution of these problems
    • Propose the creation of an online portal for leave application
    • Explore an increase in the window for semester and course registration for students
    • Work towards the creation of an online archive of student publications in the Institute in order to familiarize students with research in other Academic Units of the Institute


    • Work towards increasing coordination between student bodies: ISCP, IRSCP, PGAC in conducting events, and creating a combined calendar for events organized by all the bodies
    • Propose the provision of training to members of Academic Council with the help Student Wellness Centre and Women’s Cell before the start of the new Academic Year
    • Propose an increase in the number of faculty advisors in Academic Units and involvement of the faculty advisors in the implementation of rules


    • Propose the organization of a “Foundation Week” to induct new Postgraduate students in the IIT system, to explain to them what is expected of them, and what they need to do for the same, and also provide an opportunity to change specialization in the early stages of the programme to facilitate that
    • Expand on inspection or check of infrastructural facilities in the Academic Block and to work towards their maintenance in association with the Hostel Affairs Council
    • To continue the work of the present Hostel Affairs and Academic Councils to make the Academic Block more accessible for differently abled students

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