4th Year Civil Engineering
Pursuing Btech

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    • Propose the inclusion of skill-based courses in domains like cultural, tech, sports, etc in curriculum with the possibility of making them compulsory for students
    • Propose a mandatory online course teaching gender sensitisation, emotional awareness and equality to UG students as a part of their curriculum
    • Instate Non-Core GCs like Finance GC, Consult GC and Analytics GC
    • Push for allowing of distance learning courses offered by other IITs to be tagged as Electives
    • Follow up on Semester-long Internship from Practical Training Cell for students who wish to fast track their degrees and adjust their credit structure
    • Put forth a proposal to initiate cross department mentoring of students by professors for students to explore their research interests


    • Propose to expand Credit-Based Summer Internship to university internships across all departments similar to the provision in Civil Engineering Department
    • Propose the inclusion of Economics as a part of the minor curriculum offered to UG students
    • Propose an early exit programme with a diploma for interested UGs along the lines of the Post Graduate Diploma-IIT as being discussed in ARP-Committee
    • Explore the possibility of a student taking a voluntary semester drop to pursue his/her interests
    • Push for changing the grade conversion function for outbound semester exchanges students


    • Constitute Online Course Information Handbook Repository of all departments for students to become more informed about the options available before them in the department
    • Provide students with a Career Information Booklet for students to be more informed about the plethora of career options which are available before them
    • Extend the UG Academics Wiki to be the community wiki of IIT Bombay and making it the one stop place for students to get information on happenings in the institute
    • Re-vamp Policy@IITB, an interactive series making students aware about existing rules and policies creating awareness among students


    • Take forward the efforts of present council for the extension of the operational hours of the Central Library making it operational throughout the day
    • Push for integration of Student Profiles in InstiApp to ease the resume verification process
    • Propose an option on ASC for students to request and pay for their Transcripts online
    • Revamp the Summer Backlog Portal to reflect the number of students who has requested for the course to help students make an informed decision
    • Explore the possibility of building an Online Portal where students can submit and track their Semester Exchange Application with ease
    • Follow up on the establishment of Student Lounge in Lecture Hall Complex and Language Lab


    • Propose the introduction of a happiness course/workshop in collaboration with Student Wellness Centre to help students emotionally cope up with the stress
    • Improve the distribution model of institute-built laptops to financially weak students
    • Propose opening of at least two rooms to be accessible 24x7 throughout the semester in the Lecture Hall Complex as a common area for group discussions and/or alternate study room
    • Assist in the succesful implementation of an Online Counselling Platform to help students
    • Launch Scholarship Portal to help students know the various financial options available


    • Propose extension of ITSP by encouraging students to continue their project as a research project during the semester in collaboration with Institute Tech Council
    • Launch “Know Your Labs”, an interactive blog series showcasing the unique research labs in IIT Bombay to promote undergraduate research
    • Strive for introduction of research circles in all department to aide students in procuring projects
    • Revamp Research Portal to include ongoing projects and research by students in our institute


    • Launch Externships: Short duration industrial internships for students for hands-on experience
    • Build an online repository of all the conferences and competitions which are held worldwide
    • Launch “UnResT”, a session series conducted by professors from various departments like HSS and SJMSOM to showcase the ongoing research work in their fields
    • Launch “Placement Diaries”, a blog series of seniors who have undergone placements reminiscing their placement experience


    • Organize “Non-Core Kickstarter”, a summer primer for Non-Core enthusiasts aspiring to work on Consult, Analytical and/or Finance projects
    • Build dedicated teams and provide mentorship for collaborative preparation to represent the institute in different non-core competitions worldwide


    • Propose to include tagging of foreign department specific courses as Department Electives in the absence of a course map for outbound semester exchange students
    • Launch “IITB-ONE”, a series of cultural exchange events involving inbound as well as previous outbound exchange students representing their countries through presentations and performances


    • Push for bi-annual visits by delegations from different schools for providing insights into the ongoing research and technological advancements
    • Launch an in-semester policy making programme involving series of lectures and certified training programs addressing social problems by championing a liberal approach to public policy

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