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      Formalizing Culturals:

    • Cult Skill courses: Push for microcredit cultural courses in coordination with the Academic Council that will be conducted by professionals to broaden student’s cultural horizons
    • Talk Masters: Organize regular public speaking workshops for students to develop their conversational skills and fluency, while providing them anchoring and group discussion avenues
    • Institute Cultural Summer Project (ICSP): a platform that provides mentorship by senior students and faculty members for amateurs to be involved in cultural projects
    • Expanding Culturals:

    • Meraki: Organize for the first time ever a cultural showcase that will give a platform to students to present the best performances in all genres from different cultural clubs in the institute
    • Enigma: Release a “look-back” magazine of different GCs, flagship events while also publishing artworks, photographs and literary works to sum up cultural highlights of the year
    • Movie-Madness: Propose to screen films at LT-PCSA/Convocation Hall on alternate weekends
    • Honing Culturals:

    • Hallabol: Organise a 2-day street play and street dance competition, inviting entries from external colleges; striving to improve the culture of similar events in the institute
    • Cult Café: Conduct bi-weekly informal events at Gulmohar Cafeteria or Brews ‘n’ Bites, showcasing performances in stand-up comedy, acoustic music, slam poetry and shayari
    • Ragnarok: Hold inter-batch competitions for various genres to ensure bonding amongst clubs
    • Socialising Culturals :

    • Cult Social: Collaborate with Abhyuday for cultural flagship events; extend support to NGOs to address social issues through institute performances and help raise money via donations
    • Propose to launch a Culturals specific fundraising project; raise money in the form of donations from club alumni for subsidies, purchase of club infrastructure and other initiatives

    Consolidation & Follow-Ups

    • National Cultural Organization (NCO): Follow up on NCO for freshmen to pursue cultural activities and hone their skills; prepare detailed modules for Dramatics, Kathak, Drums & Debate
    • Freshiezza: Revamp Phase I into a first-of-its-kind “Cult Carnival” followed by a Freshers’ Night and Phase II to Arcade competitions spread over a week across different genres
    • Click Beetles: Manage an Instagram account “Cult Chronicles of IIT Bombay” which will explore the cultural aspect in the lives of different people in the institute on a weekly basis
    • Draft a Culturals Handbook containing administrative procedures and contacts of various vendors streamlining the ground work for future councils and ensuring uniformity in transactions
    • Propose to install a Gallery wall in SAC for bi-weekly display of photographs and design works

    General Championships & PAF

    • Propose for a Punchline GC to ensure the sustainability of this new-found culture; amalgamate English and Hindi Wordgames GCs into one and dissolve Hindi Debate GC
    • Compile the rules of GCs into a “GC Rule Booklet” with immediate updates and clarifications for concerned hostel representatives and institute cultural secretaries
    • Incentivise PAF by providing advanced professional training opportunities to the performers

    Publicity & Outreach

    • Plastic-free Publicity: Reduce the use of posters and flexes; Push for environment-friendly publicity in collaboration with GSHA by the installation of TV screens in the hostel mess
    • Cult Archive: Purchase subscriptions of online tutorials, reading materials and software for students at a subsidized fee; prepare a database of videos on digital arts, music, theatre, etc.
    • Link the Literati and Vaani blogs with the Culturals App to provide a larger audience

    Inter-IIT Cultural Meet

    • Appoint a contingent leader at the start of the semester for a efficient approach towards the meet
    • Conduct exclusive workshops for Inter-IIT to ensure quality participation in every event
    • Launch merchandise of “Bombay Eagles”, the official label for all Institute Cultural teams
    • Organize a formal felicitation ceremony to recognize achievements of students at Inter-IIT Cult

    Digital Ventures

    • Centralising Payments: Propose to connect the centralised Culturals account to an established online payment gateway; collect payments and make refunds to students with ease
    • Club Merchandising: Create a portal to buy club merchandise on the Culturals App
    • Formulate an extensive database of all students in the institute by collaborating with hostel councils, thus ensuring personalised emails and targeted publicity before relevant events
    • Automatic E-Certificate System: Revamp the certificate system to increase accessibility; a certificate can be issued if an achievement is verified on the online portal or Culturals App
    • P2P Learning: Develop an online platform to connect novices and experts from the cultural front on the campus facilitating the spreading of knowledge from student to another

    Infrastructure & Inventory

    • Push for the allocation of a common room each for Literary Arts and Speaking Arts, Classicaland Folk Arts, Lifestyle and Design in new SAC; equip the same with requisite infrastructure
    • ICC Storeroom: Push for the allocation of a storeroom, which will further be used to store Kaladarshan frames, Kalaghoda installations, Dramatics props and other inventory
    • Install trophy cabinets in SAC rooms to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the institute
    • Upgrade the SAC inventory in order to provide the students with required equipment and meet the necessities of all genres; ensure purchase of projector, DSLR & recording equipment
    • Set up a Centralized Issuing System to make hostel and SAC inventory accessible to all


    • Gurukul: Initiate bi-weekly workshops by PGs to share cultural skills with other students
    • Introduce “Intra Department Cultural Fest” consisting of low prep events with the help of PG department cultural secretaries to reach out to more people and bring awareness about the events
    • Set up a temporary cult outlet outside H12,13,14 for books, DSLR, music inventory and more
    • PG Cult: Retain the two legged structure of department wise competition, once per semester
    • Set up a Centralized Issuing System to make hostel and SAC inventory accessible to all

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