Arbaj Ahmed
4th Year Civil Engineering
Pursuing Btech

  • Colour Schemes for Initiatives

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    • Assist in the implementation of Optic fiber and localized mini network boosters to improve signal quality in required hostel areas with prominently used cellular network companies
    • Explore the possibility of establishing a Premium Unisex Salon to cater to all tiers of students
    • Establish an IIT Bombay Student exclusive IRCTC office for tatkal ticket booking
    • Push for making IIT Bombay a disabled friendly campus by installation of ramps in hostel and common areas
    • Push for the privatization of horticulture to enhance the flora in hostel gardens and common area
    • Implement an online order-cum-delivery portal through the instiAPP for institute eateries
    • Follow-Ups – CCTV cameras in hostel area, the street lighting project, Remote Control fan project


    • Comprehensive transport coverage for all students of the institute:
    • – Oversee the expansion of e-shuttles as a reliable transport means to cover all the hostels and incorporating an on-call service for odd hours
    • – Bringing back private tum-tums on a trial basis with a complementing cost structure
    • Re-initiate an in-house dock-less cycle pooling system with smart locks by developing required infrastructure hence eliminating the rental costs
    • Propose an institute-wide speed monitoring system for auto rickshaws to ensure strict obedience to speed limit norms for the safety of cycle users and pedestrians
    • Propose for the establishment of a new cycle repair shop near hostel 12/13/14


    • Revamp instiMap to support GPS location tracking for better direction suggestions
    • Improve the overall hygiene, taste and quality of food in institute eateries by expanding the online review/rating portal to include all institute eateries


    • Implement for the first time a ‘Hostel Affairs’ FB page to skyrocket the transparency and accountability of the HA council
    • Publicize ‘Issue of the month’ to start work on some of the most pressing issues the students face among the pool of problems messaged to the moderator through the page
    • Push for the constitution of a student’s charter to provide students with information about their rights as an IIT Bombay student


    • Introduce an Institute-Wide Sustainability Pitch Competition in which the feasible projects will be helped by HA council to perform Proof of Concept in campus and hence implement it
    • Reinstate the waste segregation campaign in hostels for better recycling and utilization of the same


    • Follow up and coordinate with the Animal Welfare Society to appoint an NGO to take care of feeding, neutering and health care of stray dogs
    • Push for the construction of clean water drinking areas for animals throughout the institute to curb the contamination of water coolers in campus
    • Push for the implementation of an online payment gateway for foreign exchange students to pay for courses, fee payment and registration
    • Follow up for the establishment of a well-equipped student lounge in Lecture Hall Complex


    • Promote Alumni funded projects for institute beautification and infrastructure reforms
    • Revive and reinstate the HATS program to instill a sense of belongingness among students for their hostel alumni
    • Follow up on the implementation of the final version of Course exchange Mapper


    • Introduce and implement ‘Private Insurance’ for In-patient Treatment which will further allow students to get medical reimbursement in summer and winter vacations
    • Push for the availability of Specialist Doctors after academic hour of students in IITB Hospital and explore the possibility of ‘Appointment through InstiApp’ for the same
    • Ensure that special medicines related to Periods and Cramps are available in-house
    • Autogenerated emails for online feedback System for increasing reach and better the treatment process


    • Push for restarting the GABs portal regarding online guest booking for Parents and Friends
    • Push for the implementation of a digital key issue system for hostel common rooms
    • Implement a Digitized system for mess extras and rebate system to ensure transparency
    • Follow up of full AC study rooms
    • Expand the postal notification system to all hostels
    • Push for implementing online no due certificate for dues clearance


    • Conduct a Proper security orientation for the incoming freshmen batch as part of the safety initiative informing students about restricted areas in the institute and demonstrate the usage of fire extinguisher
    • Follow up on the inclusion of female officers in the Quick Response Team (QRT)
    • Initiate a new security information portal with a lost ‘n’ found report facility

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