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    IDECIDE365 | providing stimulating environment for fitness improvement

    • Conduct year-long fitness camps and streamline the present GET SET FIT program, thus providing an easily accessible, reliable and effective program for fitness enthusiasts
    • Introduce fitness points among instizens based on their attendance at sport facilities resulting in a healthy competition, by pushing for an early completion of the biometric access control system
    • Collaborate with sport scientists to augment athletic performance through robust fitness analysis
    • Run coherent monthly themed social media fitness challenges to evoke public interest

    DIGITAL SUPPORT | streamlining real-time monitoring and dispensation

    • Establish an integrated online court availability portal in the sports website and the InstiApp,which would display the dynamic occupancy status of Indoor gymkhana facilities
    • Ensure the provision of e-certificates pertaining to the various sporting events that take place in the institute, including NSO & Inter IIT camp, to cater to the student’s cardinal need of resume verification
    • Launch an online inventory and sports equipment issuance service to monitor accessories
    • Instate a smart scoring system for events, including live updates and standings in InstiApp

    ORGANIZATIONAL REFORMS | polishing the current administrative framework

    • Accessibility: Propose to revamp the issuing of swimming cards into an integrated online process resulting in a smooth, quick and hassle-free issuance of the aforementioned cards
    • Expansibility: Encourage donations from alumni for sports-centric activities, with the option of contributing to the Alumni Fund, earmarking for specific sports projects
    • Accountability: Introduce an online medium for gathering and answering major sports grievances, which shall be further debated during the GBM if deemed necessary

    GIRLS | accelerating female involvement and endowment

    • Initiate a new, week-long all-girls event called Queen’s Combat spanning various sports,including Frisbee to enhance girls sporting culture and to scout players for the Inter IIT Team
    • Streamline the Go Girls Go campaign by providing free self defense sessions to the attendees
    • Conduct frequent aerobics workshops in girls’ hostels to improve cardiovascular fitness


    • Propose the construction of a new and furnished Skating rink in the old swimming pool area
    • Propound the relocation of long jump pit and lay down tennis ball cricket pitches on the main grounds
    • Set forth the proposal for construction of tapping wall, ensuring proper and efficient volleyball training
    • Push for the installation of LED lights in football field and indoor badminton courts
    • Propose to renovate the old squash court and procure movable netsto bolster cricket practice sessions
    • Push for the construction of a synthetic jogging track, circumscribing the old swimming pool


    • Conduct a week long PG Freshiesta, introducing the PG freshmen to our sporting culture
    • Conduct PG training camps at the start of the semester to introduce them to the institute sporting scenario and organize various ice-breaking events under Cut the first turf initiative
    • Culminate PG GC with a plethora of alike events by conducting Sports Week
    • Provide strong support from the institute council for the smooth conduction of Prithvi and PFL


    • Push for the introduction of LDAP login system for issuing sports equipment in various hostels
    • Conduct periodic gym workshops at hostel gyms to promote fitness among hostel residents
    • Ensure scheduled equipment maintenance drives and push for the setting up of a gym in H16
    • Structure the centralized maintenance platform for hostel grounds and gym with familiar vendors



    • Inauguration of the proposed climbing wall by conducting talks by India’s most prolific climbers
    • Promote the culture of Bouldering under professional guidance to cater to adventure connoisseurs


    • Inclusion of Ultimate in Aavhan to diversify the outreach and enhance the culture
    • Instigate the system of honouring remarkable sportsmanship as Mr and Ms Aavhan
    • Increase the social awareness by including Para competitions and exhibition matches


    • Conduct Intra NSO tournaments with an assessment and extend Battle of Batches to all sports
    • Organize the inaugural Farewell Run for graduating students to honor their role in IITB sports
    • Initiate the premier edition of The Games Cart, a tour of native games like Pitto, Gilli-Danda in all the hostels, to engender an appreciation towards Indian Games within the institute


    • Propose to setup Glucon-D and energy drinks self-vending machines at sport venues as refreshments
    • Push for the installation of lockers near gymkhana facilities to ensure the safety of personal belongings
    • Propose to increase the scope of work of lifeguards at the swimming pool to train the enthusiastic beginners and push for the hiring of female trainers to address the female populace
    • Introduce the fantasy points system for the major institute events like Cricmania and IFL
    • Ensure the execution of regular mosquito control drives in the vicinity of gymkhana grounds
    • Propose to establish Wall of Fame to honor and celebrate the rich sporting heritage of our institute


    • Award Player of the Month to encourage distinguished talent across various sports
    • Push for the appointment of interns for training of the institute teams during the summer
    • Ensure proper nutrition in late night mess, in collaboration with IITB Hospital and nutritionist
    • Ensure the appointment of professional coaches across all sports as per desired needs
    • Organise a bigger and better Contingent Weekend, to increase bonding amongst the teams
    • Push for the year-long facility of physiotherapy to rehabilitate players with sport related injuries
    • Ensure early appointment of contingent leaders and establishing periodic equipment checks
    • Encouraging and aggrandize the Institute Runners, cycling and Frisbee communities by providing them guidance and exposure to external sports and fitness events

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