5th Year Engineering Physics
Pursuing Dual Degree

  • Colour Schemes for Initiatives

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    • How Things Work (HTW): Collaborate with Institute Cultural Council and Sports Council to expand the vision of HTW to equipment and instruments (e.g. TT Ball Thrower, DSLR)
    • TL Open House: Conduct an Open House wherein projects made in TL will be displayed apart from spreading awareness about TL’s facilities and equipment among students and faculty
    • Kindles in TL: Put in place docking stations for Kindles to ensure proper utilisation
    • Training Sessions: Organise monthly hands-on training & safety sessions on machining tools
    • Restart “Order what you need”: Allow anyone to request technical equipment & consumables
    • TL Website: Include live inventory list, SOPs of equipment and equipment status
    • TL Donation Drive: Collect technical equipment from the graduating batch of seniors
    • Feedback System: Integrate a QR Code scanner in InstiApp to keep track of TL and equipment usage; analyse the data to improve the facilities of TL


    • Technovation: Relaunch Technovation as a platform for students to pitch their ideas for technical products; top projects will be mentored by Alumni and funded through TL
    • Float technical projects from BSBE, CSRE etc. targeted specially at sophomores, third years
    • Revive TechGSR; collaborate with NSS for Social Tech Projects
    • ITSP: Upgrade technical & project planning workshops; improve mentor pool by roping in PGs
    • Semester Projects: Provide a platform for continuation of ITSPs under Semester Projects
    • Collaborate with Sustainability Cell to float projects and push for their implementation


    • Ensure that the Finance and Legal processes are well documented; conduct sessions on the same to ease process of procurement of equipment and parts
    • Meet the Team: Release a “Meet the Team” series on the Facebook Page
    • Monthly Digest: Highlight the progress made by the teams and share with students & faculty
    • Resurrect common tech calendar: Get major events like recruitment & year-end launch added


    • Hold advanced technical workshops (e.g. ARM, IoT, VHDL) exclusively for senior UGs and PGs followed by competitions or hackathons
    • Synergize with Academics: Demonstrate the engineering principles in different fields through simple experiments and activities and their relevance in practice through informal discussions
    • Chemistry Club: Will establish a chemistry club on a trial basis with support from the chemistry department, to be overlooked by enthusiasts without a managerial council
    • Create an ITC Wiki based on the model of WnCC wiki to aid knowledge transfer and sharing
    • Tech Weekend: Revamp the Tech Weekend with fun events like Tech Treasure Hunt
    • Work Reports: Ensure bimonthly work reports are publicised on the website & social media
    • Create “Tech Profiles” in InstiApp to ease resume verification and get mentor database; integrate Academic and Cultural Profiles in it as well
    • Integrate the system of “Tech points” in individual Tech profiles wherein participation points will be awarded for each tech activity; top few will be felicitated at the end of the year


    • Inter IIT Tech Camp: Hold advanced technical training sessions on relevant topics targeted specifically at Inter IIT to precede contingent selection for the Meet
    • Showcase projects made for Inter IIT at the TL Open House and Tech R&D Expo (ResTech)
    • Structurally reform the contingent and introduce individual competition leaders


    • Lecture Series: Ensure conduction of periodic advanced lectures targeted at PGs & senior UGs
    • Student Reading Groups (SRGs): Aid setup of interdisciplinary SRGs (e.g. Controls Theory SRG) through the PG Nominee to increase UG-PG interaction and knowledge sharing


    • Make GCs more accessible to all by either conducting relevant sessions before GCs or designing problem statements appropriately
    • Push for hands-on hostel tech events in collaboration with technical clubs to improve hostel tech culture apart from conducting informal talks on the lines of WnCC Reflections
    • Give hostels an improved inventory list & help them procure basic equipment & consumables


    • YouTube Channel: Maintain & popularise by linking it to Facebook Page, website & InstiApp
    • Publicise IPR sessions held by IRCC especially for project and startup enthusiasts
    • Have a dedicated Creatives and Media team to help increase outreach
    • Try to get national media coverage for completed long-term projects & networking events
    • Collaborate with Insight for timely coverage of major technical events and Inter IIT Tech Meet


    • ITC (STAB) Room: Convert into a space for group discussions and small-scale events
    • Organise industrial visits targeted towards Chemical & Aerospace Engineering enthusiasts
    • Collaborate with department fests (e.g. AZeotropy) to conduct competitions; push for representation of the winning teams at international competitions (e.g. Chem-E-Car)
    • Conduct tech sessions for younger programs (e.g. IDC, CESE) to complement their coursework

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